PAGES Model Management is constantly looking for new talents to add to its team. We encourage both experienced models as well as fresh faces to apply. Please read all the information in this page carefully before you submit your application.

Application Criteria

  • -PAGES Model Management representation is free of charge.
  • -We accept both experienced as well as fresh faces.
  • -You MUST be 18 Y.O. at least.
  • -Both females and males may apply.
  • -We have no height, size or age restrictions.
  • -We are non-exclusive. You are able to work freelance and via other agencies.
  • -We accept both full and part-time models.
  • -Tattoos, piercings and unusual hair styles are beneficial but are NOT an essential requirement. We have many models who do not have tattoos and piercings - we expect no person to alter their looks in this way.
  • -We accept applications from candidates with Pinup, Alternative, Goth, Emo, Scene as well as all other edgy looks. However, we highly encourage models who are interested in Glamour, Risque, Bondage/BDSM, Artistic and Implied nude modeling to appyly.
  • -If you have new images and have undertaken more modeling work since a previous application, you are more than welcome to apply again. However, please do not continue to submit the same application. Please note that it may take several weeks before you hear from us.

Image Criteria

  • -You MUST have clear colored images. No black and white images will be accepted.
  • -Poor quality images will not be accepted. This includes images which are too small, low resolution, or blurry.
  • -Please submit a good variety of images which clearly show your face, current look and modeling capability (if you have any).
  • -Images that violate copyright laws are not acceptable. Only submit images which you hold the copyright to or have permission from the photographer or copyright holder to use.

Model Selection Criteria

  • -We are NYC based but we have agents in select key cities and our agents travel regularly to all major cities to interview potential candidates. We accept applications from candidates from all U.S. states and territories, Canada and Europe. If we like your look and think you have potential, one of our agents will contact you and schedule for an interview at your city or nearest major city to you.
  • -Our agents also keep searching for potential candidates everywhere. If our agents find you interesting, they will approach you and give you a code. You will use this code with your application for higher consideration priority.
  • -Generally speaking, there is an initial screening with one of our agents. This step is a must for all fresh faces. Screening results are reviewed and a decision is made (Approval, Conditional Approval, and Rejection).
  • -For approved candidates, PAGES works on creating or improving the portfolio for the new candidate at no charge.
  • -For conditional approvals, the agent will follow up with the candidate on regular basis to determine whether the candidate is making progress and ready.

Representation Information

  • -All models must keep the agency updated with any changes in appearance, location, and contact details (email address and mobile number).
  • -We take a commission fee of 20% (industry standard) on top of any work we book.
  • -Once confirmed for an assignment, an agency/model contract will be issued for the job.
  • -As an agency we handle bookings and payments on your behalf. When you are contracted for a job we will also ask for your bank details in order to pay you via online bank transfer. Payment via cheque or Paypal are also available on request.
  • -We may occasionally request you to take new shoots to help develop portfolios. This is usually arranged by your agent. PAGES Model Management does not charge for this type of work.
  • -Images and model names can be changed at any time. Please email us with the details.
  • -We select an avatar image we feel portrays each model at their very best and clearly shows the face and their current look.
  • -If you prefer an alternative image be used, please let us know.
  • -The agency reserves the right to revise our application criteria at any time and remove models from the books at our discretion.
  • -We will occasionally reduce the number of models we represent and remove weaker portfolios, or models who no longer work regularly, or produce new imagery. Evaluation of models is regularly done by their agents.
  • -You may apply again in future, but please check our application criteria beforehand for any changes to the requirements.
  • -If we receive negative feedback following an assignment, or you do not attend a casting or booking as agreed we will remove you from our books unless given reasonable notice or a valid reason.